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My life is a passionate yearning for God through Jesus, a journey toward wholeness of mind, body & spirit, and a desire to do the will of God. Yes, I long to be fully alive in Christ.  

"Be still, trust, and surrender. Jesus is the Way. Trust that Way."
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The Wilderness, The Wild Man & The Wound- A Sacred Quest for God and the Masculine Soul. 

You and I, created in the image of God, on a journey

The Way of Jesus Meditation
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Brian Christian Meagher
The Way of Jesus is about living into the first two commandments. It is a profoundly simple path that has taken me on a journey of Union with God, Transformation, and Mission.  I have come to know a  joy and a peace that cannot be described. I have also known fiery trials, dark nights, and even despair. But even in the trials and difficult times I have known and experienced a peace and a joy this world cannot give.    More